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5 reasons why seaweed sustainability is important!

5 reasons why seaweed sustainability is important!

Today’s Friday 5 is about why Atlantic Gold Irish Seaweed is so passionate about the sustainable harvesting of seaweed. Although seaweed is a renewable resource, it needs to be managed with sustainability in mind.

Why is seaweed sustainability important?

  1. Seaweed is a food source for marine wildlife.
  2. Often the marine wildlife that is supported by seaweed becomes a food source for larger marine animals and birds for example seagulls preying on sea urchins.
  3. Seaweed offers protection and shelter for various types of marine animals. Also seaweed is often a nursery for certain marine species such as rock lobster.
  4. Seaweed can helps prevent coastal erosion caused from wind and wave damage.
  5. Most of the Earths oxygen comes from Seaweed.

As you can see from these quick points, the sustainable harvesting of seaweed is crucial for the protection of marine Eco-systems.  If we don’t respect nature’s gift of seaweed, there could be detrimental effects leaving certain marine species at risk of extinction. Not only this, we could put our coastal shores in danger.

If you’re purchasing seaweed products, please ensure that they’re environmentally friendly so we can safeguard this valuable resource.

Our seaweed products only contain hand cut sustainably harvested seaweed and are available here. If you have any questions regarding our products or how they are made, please feel free to contact us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.






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