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Atlantic Gold is the result of the coming together of two men, both equally passionate about the ocean and it’s magical and life changing benefits.

Mat Krock grew up in the Bahamas where he loved to free dive in the crystal clear waters of that tropical paradise which offers an array of dive experiences like no other. When Mat discovered Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way he knew he’d arrived home to his deep Irish roots.

Gabriel Keenan has an encyclopaedic knowledge of and love for the Irish countryside. He too loves the sea and all that it has to offer. When he introduced Mat to the magnificent west coast of Ireland, the pod of an idea began to germinate between the two innovators.

Driven by their shared enthusiasm, together they started researching the potential for Ireland’s abundant and natural supply of seaweed. Whilst the many benefits of seaweed have been recognised for centuries, Mat and Gabriel wanted to explore what was contained within the live organic elements of wild Atlantic Irish seaweed. Having tested the resource for its mineral and nutrient properties, they concluded this self-sustaining, nutrient rich harvest from the sea was pure gold.

Excited by their findings, the two entrepreneurs decided to create a line of natural seaweed cosmetic products, free of chemicals for the skin-care and beauty market.

And so began their voyage to bring natural, multi mineral seaweed products to the rest of the world….

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Gabriel Keenan
Gabriel Keenan
Sales Director
Mathew Krock
Mathew Krock
Technical Director