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Be careful when entering and leaving the bath as the oil can make the surface slippery.

This product is not flammable and it is not for human consumption.

Do not apply undiluted to skin. Keep out of the reach of children.

While handling, keep away from eyes.

If pregnant or currently receiving medical treatment, consult doctor before use.

Seller guarantee shall be limited to the terms set out on the label and subject thereto.

Results may vary.

The buyer assumes the risk to persons arising from the use or handling of this product on that condition.

The seaweed bath is only good for two baths. However it can be used in your garden as organic soil conditioner and fertilizer, so rather than discarding the product, it can help to boost your plant production.

If any of the small particles of seaweed come through the mesh bag do not worry as they are not harmful to you and are good for your skin.


Make sure you clean the bath tub after use, do not hang the seaweed bag above the bath tub, as the excess water dripping from the bag will leave a stain. In order to avoid this please place back into the outer bag or you can hang the wet seaweed in a dry area where it can dry out.

The seaweed bath can be used for a second time once dried.

Place a bucket or device to collect any moisture from the seaweed organza bag or it will stain the area underneath where the bag is hanging.


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