Benefits of Seaweed

The term SPA is derived from the Latin phrase Sanare Per Aquam, which means health through water. Spas, as we all know them at present, which have their history in ancient towns and cities the world over, well known for their healing and curative properties of their natural mineral waters and hot springs.

Seaweed Therapy

The uses of seaweed have been popular since the Ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and Polynesians. They found and used the healing properties of seaweed to obtain therapeutic, preventive and curative benefits. It was used to treat various wounds, bruises and swellings.

The oils that seaweed possesses have long been used to treat people who suffer from different skin conditions. These oils specifically aim to detoxify the body by rejuvenating dead skin cells. Seaweed was known as Sailor’s Cure in ancient mariners’ times.

Seaweed has 60 trace elements that include natural oils, which are released by the heat of the water. These oils are absorbed through the skin leaving it soft, thus rejuvenating the skin and leaving it moisturised.

This treatment is still much sought after today in Europe, Asia, and the Island of Ireland. Numerous people still go in their masses to gain access to this amazing healing source for both the body and mind.