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Welcome to Atlantic Gold

Hand harvested 100% Pure Irish Seaweed, sourced from Connemara in the West of Ireland

Atlantic Gold is the result of passion, belief and creating a truly natural remedy that delivers natropathic remedies that is 100% sustainable.
We are committed to producing the very finest of natural unadulterated face, hair and body care seaweed extract products, using only natural ingredients – free from any toxins, chemicals, parabens or emulsifiers.
Our products are sourced directly from the Atlantic ocean and West Ireland’s coastline and provide scientifically-proven life changing benefits.

The Story behind Atlantic Gold Seaweed

When most people think of seaweed, they think of long tangled leafy tendrils floating in the ocean or lying washed up along the beach. However, for centuries, many cultures have regularly used seaweed known for its great health and healing benefits. This has now been scientifically proven.
Here at Atlantic Gold Seaweed, we’d love to share our findings and to help you understand the benefits of seaweed, not only is it advantageous but holistically can improve your health and wellbeing of your skin and body.
Fact: there are over 70 trace minerals found in seaweed, which are considered essential for the well-being of the human body.
Seaweed provides us with a natural supply of these vital minerals either by ingested (through our dietary needs) or by absorbing these nutrient-rich natural oils through the pores of our body.
With our DNA building blocks, seaweed is very similar to our own, this is why seaweed is so easy to digest and absorb in our gut. Our products are a natural remedy to help rejuvenate our body and skin without the need for harsh toxin chemicals
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Over 70 Trace Minerals

Some of the key Benefits:
All the minerals that humans require are in seaweed.
Anti-inflammatory that reduces inflammation or swelling
Improves the suppleness and the elasticity of your skin
Delivers anti-ageing and anti-cellulite properties
Detoxifies, tones and cleanses the skin
Stimulate the renewal of damaged skin cells
Moisturises and soothes the skin
Effective treatment for conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis and Acne
Distinct moisturising effect on the hair making it shinier and softer
Iodine-Protein complexes are essential for the thyroid gland, to regulate the body’s metabolism
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Natural & Sustainable Seaweed

Atlantic Gold Seaweed is hand-harvested. The seaweed is cut from the rock face in a sustainable way, so as not to damage the roots of the seaweed.
There are no chemicals or toxins either added or used in the manufacturing process. It is 100% pure natural seaweed
By harvesting the seaweed this way, we allow the seaweed to grow back naturally over time. From the ocean to the finished product, there are no harsh chemicals or toxins either added or used in the manufacturing process of our natural lavender and peppermint enriched seaweed baths.
Our unique offering ensures that is the seaweed is thoroughly washed & rinsed before the drying process. This ensures that the seaweed is not destroyed and the mineral-rich content and integrity of the seaweed is guaranteed. This will ensure the final product is the highest natural quality.
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All our seaweed is 100% Irish and is sourced from the wild Atlantic way off the west coast of Ireland.

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