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5 Tips to Relieve Arthritis Pain

5 Tips to Relieve Arthritis Pain

According to Arthritis Ireland, 1 in 5 adults in Ireland are affected by arthritis. Symptoms of arthritis include pain, swelling and stiffness in joints. Depending on the severity and type, healthcare professionals uses various methods to treat the symptoms of arthritis. In today’s Friday 5 we have compiled are top 5 non-medicinal tips to relieve arthritis pain.

woman preforming a yoga pose


  1. Exercise: Although this might be the last thing you want to do, exercise can help increase the mobility of joints. It can help relieve the stiffness and reduce pain. Ask your doctor for advice about what type of exercise is suitable for your specific condition.


  1. Warm Baths: The Arthritis Foundation explains that soaking in warm water improves circulation and helps reduce painful swelling. To maximise the relieving properties of bathing, why not try our Atlantic Gold peppermint seaweed bath. The peppermint essence helps soothe while the natural minerals and trace elements in seaweed are known for their anti-inflammatory nature.




Food supplement capsules pouring out of container

  1. Supplements: Depending on the type of arthritis you have, supplements like magnesium and glucosamine can help relieve arthritis pain. This can be very  helpful for people who can’t take certain types of pain medication. Ask your doctor about what supple ments would be most  effective for your needs alongside your current medication.


  1. Turmeric: A spotlight has recently been focused on the ‘super spice’ turmeric. Turmeric’s natural anti-inflammatory properties means it could benefit arthritis sufferers. Add it to boiling water when you’re cooking rice, or put a spoonful in a stew to easily include it in your diet. Bowl of turmeric with a silver spoon


  1. Cold Compress: If you have a painful swelling, try using a cold compress on the area to provide some quick relief. Always ensure the compress is not directly against your skin. Use a towel to create a barrier between yourself and the compress and never leave the compress near the same area for more than 10 mins. If the swelling doesn’t subside, ensure you speak to a healthcare professional.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Friday 5 from Atlantic Gold Seaweed. If there’s an area you’d like us to blog about, please get in touch with us here or on our social media channels, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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