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5 Tips to Relieve Anxiety Symptoms

5 Tips to Relieve Anxiety Symptoms

We are living in an ever changing globalised world. Life is no longer predictable and with a longing to be able to ‘do-it-all’ we can put ourselves under a lot of pressure. This can result in feelings of anxiety and panic. Here are Atlantic Gold’s 5 quick tips to tackle the symptoms of anxiety.

  1. Practice breathing techniques: 

There are a number of breathing techniques documented online. One which we think proves particularly effective is diaphragmatic breathing. To begin with you inhale slowly through the nose filling all of your lungs. You then hold your breath for 3 seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth. For more information on breathing techniques, you should check out Anxieties.com


  1. Stay hydrated:

60% of the human body is made up of water. If you become dehydrated, certain parts of the body won’t function properly. This can heighten the triggers of anxiety e.g. increased heart rate and headaches. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.



  1. Exercise:view of set dancing class taking from floor level only showing the legs of the participants

A great way of relieving the symptoms of anxiety is exercising. This doesn’t mean you have to join a gym or start lifting weights. If you’re new to exercising why not try something fun like a dance class or if you need encouragement and support try working out with a friend.



  1. Keep a journal: 

A great way to understand your anxiety is to keep a reflective journal. At the end of each day, take a note of anything impactful that happened whether that be big or small, good or bad. Next write down why this occurrence happened and how it made you feel. Did you feel accomplished, frustrated, anxious, happy etc. Finally, write down what you would do again or do differently. This will help you figure out what is causing the most concern and how best you should deal with it.


  1. Bathing:

Taking a relaxing soak in the bath tub can relieve the tension that anxiety causes within the body. Make your bath time a tranquil retreat from the pressures of life by switching off the phone and lighting some candles. If you are also struggling to get a good night’s sleep use product that contain lavender which helps promote restful sleep. We suggest trying our Atlantic Gold Lavender Infused Seaweed Bath. The beautiful lavender scent mixed with the goodness of seaweed will help you feel more calm and rejuvenated.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s Friday 5 from Atlantic Gold Seaweed. If there’s an area you’d like us to blog about, please get in touch with us here or on our social media channels, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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